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Bass Cabinet
Psychedelic Liberator

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Hard Truckers Custom Shop 

     The Hard Truckers are proud to open their Custom Guitar Extension Cabinet Shop. The Hard Truckers can now produce the following cabinets that aren’t normally kept in stock; the JG-3 “THE” vertical Baltic Birch 3 x12” cabinet, the JG-4 “THE” vertical Baltic Birch 4x12” cabinet, the BW-1 a single Hemp 1x12” cabinet and the JW-1 a mini Baltic Birch 1x4” cabinet.

     Production time will run approximately three to four weeks with a $500.00 deposit due at order placement. 

     Now the Hard Truckers offer you the opportunity to have the Guitar Cabinet you have always longed for. After being shelved for over 20 years, our world famous cabinet designs are finally coming out of the vault in full force. Each custom cabinet will be hand-made at the time of order. The internal wiring will be set-up to your specifications, thus, meeting your individual needs for the cabinet. Cabinets can be wired in series, parallel or combination of both.

Loaded Custom Baltic Birch Cabinet Prices:
JG-3: $ 1,599.99
40”h x 15”w x 13”d

JG-4: $ 1,899.99 (below)
53”h x 15”w x 13”d

Empty Custom Baltic Birch Cabinet Prices:
JG-3: $ 999.99
JG-4: $ 1099.99

Loaded Custom Hemp Cabinet Prices:
BW-1 $ 949.99
Empty Custom Hemp Cabinet Prices:
BW-1: $ 749.99

JW-1: $ 399.99
7.5"h x 7.5"w x 6.5"d

Load your custom cabinet with the speakers of your choice: Tone Tubby, Jensen Jets or Celestion Gold. JBL E-120’s are sometimes available but subject to limited availability. 

     Have an idea you want to bring to life? Drop us an email at or give us a call and tell us about what you have in mind. Have a hand in your own cabinet design.

    Guitar Cabinets only at this time as our classic Bass Cabinets are currently being developed, and it’s our hope to launch our Hard Truckers Bass Cabinets this spring.

Hard Truckers Custom Speaker Shop… Built to Play Hard!

Hard Truckers ‘Garcia’ Baltic Birch Rack/Effect Case with Road Case

A fixture on stage throughout the 70’s and 80’s the Hard Truckers once again offer their classic design in the form of a Baltic Birch Rack Case that travels in style in the finest of Road Cases. The _” Baltic Birch Rack Case comes with your choice of 6-10 space rack rails on top and two shelves down below. Hand made, like all Hard Truckers products, built for the road yet fine enough for your living room. The unit sits nicely atop its’ custom Road Case at the perfect height to fiddle with your gear. The accompanying Road Case is ATA approved, constructed with Imported Baltic Birch wood and uses heavy-duty wheels and hardware. A Classic Look, A Classic Design and A Legendary Status.

(HT-3) Hard Truckers ‘Garcia’ Baltic Birch Rack/Effect Case with Road Case – $ 999.99

Grill Covers 

Grill Covers - Our girls (Samantha and Erin) have been replacing Stock Combo Amp Grill Covers with their Tie Dye and Batik works of art and the results have been spectacular. The girls can now do custom jobs just for you on your combo amps or heads. They have come up with a 12-step process to transform your amp into a one-of-a-kind custom amp. You choose the grill fabric and they will meticulously attach it to your amp. Email them at or for more info.