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The "Fatty"
The HT-215B
Psychedelic Liberator

HT-215B head

The Psychedelic Liberator with Heatmeiser grill

Grill options:      
Classic Black Swirl Dark Star Diamond Trip

The professionals at the Hard Truckers are back
at it, once again designing and producing their
top-of-the-line speaker cabinets. This time the
crew has put together what can only be
described as the Ultimate Road Ready Guitar
Speaker Cabinet. The virtually indestructible
all-new Psychedelic Liberator is made for
the road with its amazing rock-n-roll tone and
American made construction.

The all-new ultra light cabinet featuring a solid birch baffle is covered in Genuine Hard Truckers
Roadliner giving it uncompromising durability.
Two 120-watt, full range Eminence Red White
and Blues speakers work in concert inside the
cabinet creating the ultimate guitar or keyboard
tone. One of four colorful tie-dye Pictoscrim
Grille Cloths protect the speakers and will add
color to your stage. Grille Frames are inter-
changeable and sold separately. Custom
Grille Frames are available; contact us for
details. Two ¼” Switchcraft jacks and premium
steel handles round out the road ready cabinet.

Available only thru traditional retail outlets, this affordable cabinet with a list price of $799.99 will be competitively priced in stores much lower. For a current list of the hottest music stores out there that carry the Hard Truckers Psychedelic Liberator email us at

Perfect with any amp and style of music, the Psychedelic Liberator will not only produce strikingly loud and crisp crystal clean tones that dirty up well, but also will bring out the subtle intricacies of a rig. Free your mind and your tone will follow.

Hand-made works of art, the Hard Truckers are the professional answer to generic gear.

Built to Play Hard


Cabinet Details
Solid Birch Baffle Cabinet lined with genuine Hard Truckers Roadliner
PennElcom Steel Cabinet Handles PennElcom Steel Jack Plate
(2) Switchcraft 1/4" Jacks 16 Gauge Speaker Wire
28"h x 15.5"w x 12.75"d 39 lbs. loaded
Exclusive Pictorscrim Tie Dye Grill Cloth Grills are Interchangeable
Additional Grill Frames sold separately


Speaker Details
Eminence Red White & Blues
12" Ceramic Speakers
8 Ohm Speakers wired in parallel
creating a 4 ohm total load
Rated 120 Watts each Frequency Range 70Hz-4.5kHz


The Hard Truckers Psychedelic Liberator…
Free Your Mind and Your Tone Will Follow!

Please contact us for information on stores in your area that carry the Psychedelic Liberator