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Bass Cabinet
Psychedelic Liberator

Hard Truckers’ Hand-Dyed One-of-a-Kind
Removable Speaker Grills

by Erin and Samantha

The Hard Truckers are pleased to announce the arrival of the first removable guitar cabinet speaker grills. These hand-dyed works of art are the perfect complement to either of our 2x12” guitar cabinets. Totally inter-changeable, the grill covers can be easily changed to fit your mood. The grill covers are hand-dyed and stretched on a hardwood frame by our professionals in a three-day process. The grills are held safely in place by the cabinet’s rare earth magnets.

Each Hard Truckers speaker grill is a one-of-a-kind item; No two are alike. Grill covers come in your choice of either 100% Haboti silk or imported cotton muslin. High quality procrion MX and Jacquard dyes are used for their vibrant colors. The grill covers are available Tie-Dyed; Batiked or in plain black Silk. Each cover is meticulously edged and attached to the frame for a quality second to none.

These light weight grill covers look spectacular; and will add some color and individuality that will set your cabinet apart. Check out what we have in stock today. New grill covers will be available often, so check back weekly.

Once a particular grill is sold, it’s gone. Grill covers are sold separately from cabinets.

Cotton Muslin $99.99
100% Haboti Silk $109.99
Batik $129.99
Welcome Back Special
Cotton Muslin Designs $79.99

Check out what is in stock today, don’t miss out.

Eyem Watching You

Flower Burst/Red Fern

Homer’s Brain

Red Bud Bloom

3 a.m.

Star Wars


Silent in the Morning

The Beach
Silk with Beading

Orange Crush Pic
Orange Crush

Red Rocks Pic
Red Rocks
Silk with Beading
doc pic


Black Silk

screenprinting title
hard truckers logo grill
Your art screenprinted on silk or muslin

Put your own 4 color logo on a grill frame.
orders take 3-4 weeks to complete.

Call or email for details.



Hazy Nova



Purple Urkle

sunburst grills pic
Sideburst: Sunburst Twins

(Special Price: 189.99 for the set)

Time Machine on Silk

* Sold *

rbow ratdog
Rainbow Ratdog
on Muslin

on Silk

rbow squid pic
Rainbow Squid-O-Pus on Muslin
squid bubbles pic
Squid-O-Pus Chasing Bubbles on Silk

Cabbage Patch

Gnome Hat

Flower Rainbow

Sideburst: Sunshine

Sideburst: Rainbow

Dark Star:
Space in Heaven