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Bass Cabinet
Psychedelic Liberator




Colonel Bruce Hampton
with The Quark Alliance

Colonel Bruce playing his maple-trim Fatty at Mike and Angelo’s in Atlanta -- October, 2006.



Weir Rack

Bob Weir

The Cocobolo-trim Fatty we delivered to Bobby at the Tabernacle in November, 2006. Bobby's main guitar cabinets are very nice single-12" models made by A.J.



Trey Anastasio

Koa-trim Fatty that Steve Parish (upper right photo) gave to Trey at the Warfield in San Francisco -- December, 2006.



John Bell - Widespread Panic

JB's Hard Truckers Cabinet is a Macassar Ebony trimmed "Fatty" with a custom dyed cotton grille cover.



Jimmy Herring
Widespread Panic and Aquarium Rescue Unit

Jimmy's maple-trim Fatties have Tone Tubby Alnico 12s. Grills are antique Japanese silk batik.



Rob Eaton
Dark Star Orchestra

Rob uses two birdseye maple-trim Fatties with JBL D-120s and K-120s. Rob's grill covers are Mars and Jupiter designs on Muslin. And yeah, that's a Hard Truckers t-shirt he's wearing.



Jeff Mattson
Dark Star Orchestra

Jeff gets his "Jerry" tone with a JG1 loaded with JBL e120 Speakers.



Dave Malone
The Radiators

Dave received his JG-1 loaded with a pair of Jensen Blackbirds’ and a Custom Silk Grill Cover at Jazz Fest in New Orleans. This self professed gearhead and tone freak keeps his new baby safe in a Hard Truckers road case.


Steve Kimock

Guitarist extrodinare Steve Kimock now plays a Maple-Trimmed "Fatty" loaded with (2) of Jerry Garcia's old JBL E-120's reconed in hemp. Steve took delivery of his cabinet just in time for his gig with Bob Weir and Ratdog. Catch Steve, Bobby, the Ratdog Gang and now the Hard Truckers in a city near you..


Keller Williams using a JG-1 with Tone Tubby speakers

Keller Williams

When our new friend Keller Williams was putting his new electric rig together Steve Kimock turned him onto the Hard Truckers. Keller now plays a JG-1 with Tone Tubby Speakers when he goes electic.


Keller Williams using a JG-1 with Tone Tubby speakers

Al Schnier

Al now plays a Maple Trimmed Fatty Hemp Cabinet that he loaded with vintage JBL D-120s. Al has created the first "Green" rig as both his Fatty Hemp Cabinet and his Oldfield Amplfication head cabinet (constructed of bamboo) are made of renewable resources. Way to go Al! Everyone here at the Hard Truckers are honored to go down the greener path with you.


Keller Williams using a JG-1 with Tone Tubby speakers

Brendan Bayliss
Umphrey's McGee

Brendan has incorporated a Psychedelic Liberator with a Heatmeiser Grille into his touring rig. Vintage 1983 Yoda not included.


Keller Williams using a JG-1 with Tone Tubby speakers

Jake Cinninger
Umphrey's McGee

Jake just shreds using his Psychedelic Liberator with "Dark Star" grille for his "clean" tone.


Keller Williams using a JG-1 with Tone Tubby speakers

Timothy Bluhm
Rhythm Devils, The Mother Hips

Tim uses his JG1 on tour with Tone Tubby speakers.


Weir Rack

Ed Rowland
Collective Soul

Ed picked up his Mahogany Trimmed Fatty at Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta while recording their latest album.

Bob Stirner
Boris Garcia

Bob and his JG-1. Catch Boris Garcia on tour in a city near you.


Weir Rack

Ted Norton
The Grapes and the Ralph Roddenberry Band

Ted just loves his Maple Trimmed Fatty


Andy Greenberg
Runaway Gin

Andy rocks his Hard Truckers JG1.